Broken Ankle Self-Care in the home If a person suspects an ankle fracture, call a doctor or go to a hospital`s emergency department immediately. Until a person can get to a hospital or doctor`s office they may try the following: Stay off the harmed ankle never to to injure it further .Keep carefully the ankle elevated to greatly help decrease swelling and pain.Apply cold packs to the injured area to diminish swelling and pain.


Brits warned against ‘maverick’ stem cell treatments A group of top scientists in Britain have got warned patients to be wary of ‘extravagant’ claims designed for ‘unorthodox’ stem cell remedies offered abroad and that some stem cell remedies could be killers. In a letter to The Times newspaper, professionals while lauding the UK for establishing itself as a world leader in such analysis, say some foreign therapies, in particular those offered for multiple sclerosis and cosmetic skin treatment, were unproven, not put through independent review and could be harmful. In Britain, a handful of treatments have already been licensed, for treating leukaemia and eye and pores and skin disorders principally, and the group say that while they welcome initiatives to translate research results as fast as possible into medical benefits, it will only be achieved in the context of rigorous scientific scrutiny.