CDC: Maryland rabies death due to organ transplant A Maryland individual who died of rabies didn’t get the condition from an animal, but instead an organ transplant done greater than a year earlier, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Fri morning. Rabies is a uncommon infection in the usa, accounting for you to three human instances per year. The Maryland Department of Health insurance and Mental Hygiene started investigating the case after the individual died this month and investigators identified the chance of transplant-related transmitting of rabies – – which is incredibly rare, the CDC said in a statement canada pharmacy .


CDC: 1 out of 4 families had economic woes from medical costs More than one out of four American families – – 26.8 % – – felt a financial squeeze because of medical bills during 2012, new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed. The results showed that nearly 9 % of families currently couldn’t make their obligations, and a total of 16.5 % had faced financial issues stemming from medical costs in the previous year. A lot more than one-fifth of these surveyed said these were still paying down a medical costs that had been split into payments over time. CBS This Morning Crowdfunding utilized to cover medical costs Websites like Kickstarter are becoming a popular method to improve money, for from indie movies to garage bands. CBS News’ Dean Reynolds rep.