Coated lenses set to reduce ‘post-op’ infections for cataract patients Research presented in the British Pharmaceutical Conference in Manchester reveals that coating an artificial lens with antibiotics could significantly reduce the risk of post-operative infection, and blindness even, for cataract patients. Cataract surgery is among the most common procedures in adults, with 250,000-300,000 procedures carried out each full year in the united kingdom. The surgery involves removing the eye’s natural lens that has become cloudy and replacing it all with an artificial lens known as an intraocular lens .

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.. Cochlear calls for action to avoid proposed Medicare rule If the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Solutions adopts a fresh rule proposed in July, people with certain types of hearing loss won’t be able to secure Medicare coverage for several types of hearing prosthetics which have been covered since 2006. The adoption of the guideline could affect the quality of hearing for thousands of people in the usa who cannot use traditional hearing aids because of chronic or congenital problems, such as atresia and microtia, or who have tried traditional hearing aids and discovered them to become ineffective. As opposed to traditional hearing helps, which aren't covered less than Medicare, osseointegrated hearing implants are surgically implanted and make use of bone conduction to replace the function of the center hearing or the cochlea, whereas hearing helps need no surgical intervention and are not permanent.