Here's what you should know about the final end of the 2014 open enrollment period, the insurance choices you'll have once it's over, when you'll encounter a penalty if you don't get protected, and the possibility to getting federal financial help buying a health plan outside the exchange . Kaiser Health News: Insuring Your Health: Window Is Closing TO JOIN UP Or Seek Adjustments To Obamacare Plans People who got off to a tough start with Obamacare or have however to pick an idea still have choices – – but only if they move quickly prior to the open up enrollment period ends on March 31.The leukemias that develop because of abnormalities in the mixed lineage leukemia gene are typically poor prognosis cancers, which inturn have got limited response to current therapies. By further understanding the molecular pathways behind these leukemias, we have a chance to develop more effective therapies for these patients, noted Ganesan. Related StoriesNew RNA check of blood platelets may be used to identify area of cancerFDA grants accelerated approval for Tagrisso to take care of patients with advanced NSCLCScientists discover little molecule that can block development of BRCA-deficient cancer cells The other task, undertaken by Lori Covey, PhD, professor of cell biology and neuroscience at Rutgers University, focuses on additional classifying and developing brand-new therapies for chronic lymphocytic leukemia , a malignancy that targets white blood cells.