CMAJ demands new vision for health at Canada’s federal level Canada needs a new eyesight for health at the federal level, writes Dr. Paul Hebert, Editor-in-Chief, CMAJ and Matthew Stanbrook, Deputy Editor, in an editorial 101207 published. While territories and provinces are responsible for the day-to-time delivery of health providers, the federal government includes a part to play in placing priorities, ensuring accountability and enforcing laws along with collecting taxes to invest in health care. This insufficient vision and leadership impacts our capability to protect public health insurance and to adequately support our general public wellness systems. The renegotiation of the 2002-04 wellness accord ending in 2014 has an ideal leadership opportunity, state the authors.Buy Medicines Online Nowadays, with the approach to life changes, people are facing many health-related issues. Some presssing issues are caused because of inappropriate diet, while some are caused due to a sedentary lifestyle. Though Even, medical issues are increasing, the remedies open to cure is also improving. The medical field offers nowadays undergone an excellent improvement which field is growing with many reports are carried out for identification of different solutions for different health issues. In addition to medicines, online pharmacies are also increasing in number such that people can conveniently send out their prescriptions to these pharmacies for putting their order for the mandatory medicines.