Funds elevated through this event are directed to high-quality research in every areas of breast cancer including education and prevention, screening, medical diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment support. In ’09 2009, for the 13th 12 months, CIBC participated in the Run as the title sponsor. Group CIBC included 13,000 participants nationally – truly a team work for a cause that’s close to their hearts. ‘CIBC is certainly proud to support the Canadian Breast Tumor Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure within their work to fund breast cancer research, awareness and education,’ says Sonia Baxendale, Senior Executive Vice President, Retail Marketplaces, CIBC.Who needs due procedure when the government can perform no incorrect and the President tells university graduates that governments can’t ever become evil? What the AP is normally learning now could be that nobody is safe when authorities abandons the guideline of law and will whatever it wants, without any limit or restraint. This incident is now a live background lesson for AP reporters, who are instantly discovering that all the so-known as ‘conspiracy theories’ about governments heading poor are completely true! May be the AP now an anti-authorities group for criticizing the Justice Department?In fact, according to the AP’s own previous reporting, the Associated Press itself is now able to be characterized as an ‘anti-government group’ since it is suddenly questioning government.