How these noticeable changes affect the outcome of breast tumor is of great interest, especially taking into consideration the epidemiological link between breast tumor after pregnancy and poor prognosis. Under the leadership of Dr. Pepper Schedin, researchers at the University of Colorado Wellness Science Center compared extracellular matrix from mammary glands of rats exhibiting post-lactation involution compared to that of virgin rats. They discovered that the involution matrix contained higher degrees of matrix proteases and degraded proteins and generally more matrix proteins than virgin matrix, indicating that involution matrix was undergoing significant structural changes.‘Using the economic downturn to back away from negotiated agreements – as the Graham Federal government has done – is simply not on.’ While doctors identify the financial difficulties facing all national governments, they highly condemn New Brunswick’s unilateral actions and warned that it might have dire outcomes for healthcare in the province. ‘Doctors work difficult to do what’s greatest for his or her patients. In return, they expect support and respect from their governments,’ added Dr. Doig. ‘Any challenge to that fundamental relationship will become actively opposed by doctors from all corners of this nation.’ ‘The Canadian Medical Association will take every suitable measure to support the doctors of New Brunswick,’ concluded Dr.