From 2002-2009, 14 percent of shoulder accidental injuries among BU custodial personnel were because of overuse. After execution of the Sargent University intervention from 2010, no BU custodians experienced shoulder accidents from overuse or repetitive motions. As a total result, the University's annual costs connected with shoulder injuries reduced nearly 85 percent, from $160,481.72 to $25,512.47. Collaborative programs with companies, occupational wellness, physical therapy, and the worker ought to be commonplace in market, stated Pesanelli, a BUPTC physical therapist. Our model is a wonderful example of how exactly we can work jointly to create an impact.But if you as well as your partner are experiencing sex, nothing protects against STDs much better than a properly used condom. For those having sex, condoms can be used to protect against STDs always, even when using another method of birth control. They must be used and can be used every time you have sexual intercourse correctly. Even when used correctly, condoms do not protect against infections spread from sores on your skin not included in a condom . Using a condom properly doesn’t only mean putting it on right part out. You should also: Check the expiration time . Choose condoms made of latex, which is regarded as most effective in preventing STDs. If one of you latex has an allergy to, use polyurethane condoms instead.