To date the Company has provided consulting providers to over 30 clinics in California and offers helped to organize and set up another 70 treatment centers nationwide; of these 100 clinics, 70 were turnkey assignments outfitted with Medbox technology and devices; 30 were established to the Medbox machine being available for purchase prior. THE BUSINESS has sold and installed 82 Medbox systems in the United States and in Canada approximately. To time, PVM has generated in excess of $4.5 million in consulting revenues and sales of Medbox systems. PVM provides generated $3.6 million dollars in revenues within the last 4 quarters alone. PVM may be the only company in the global globe offering its proprietary mixture of products and services. Please visit to find out more on PVM. Vincent Mehdizadeh, President & CEO of Prescription Vending Devices Inc., mentioned, ‘If Marijuana is normally to ever be studied seriously as a medicine, the industry will need a standard approach to dispensing in place, similar to that found in the pharmacy sector.This bizarre deceit was an attempt by Richman to squirm out of an SEC lawsuit that accused Richman of misleading traders. Based on the Associated Press, Richman misled traders about the prospect of FDA authorization of a blood alternative product known as Hemopure, which is manufactured out of cow’s bloodstream. By faking his personal malignancy and forging a doctor’s note, Richman could get yourself a postponement of judgment in the SEC lawsuit, which successfully ended the legal actions he’d have otherwise faced. Everything makes you wonder precisely how low the integrity specifications are really at drug companies nowadays.