Clinical trial reveals cholera vaccine is normally safe, offers protection for up to 2 years A clinical trial of an Indian-made ‘altered killed-whole-cell’ oral cholera vaccine ‘that meets Who have standards’ has found that the vaccine is effective and safe in children living in parts of India where the disease is endemic, Reuters reports. The experts, who reported their results in the journal Lancet, desire to introduce the vaccine into other cholera endemic settings soon . The researchers studied a combined band of 107,774 people, over the age of 1 year, in Kolkata, India – half of whom received a two-dose routine of the vaccine as the others received placebo – and tracked their outcomes over 2 yrs.

Clinical trial of experimental vaccine targets cancer stem cells in individuals with recurrent brain tumor An early-stage clinical trial of an experimental vaccine that targets malignancy stem cells in sufferers with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme, the most aggressive and common malignant mind tumor, has been launched by experts at Cedars-Sinai's Division of Neurosurgery, Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. Mind Tumor Center and Division of Neurology. Like normal stem cells, cancer stem cells be capable of self-renew and generate brand-new cells, but instead of producing healthy cells, they create cancers cells. Theoretically, if the cancers stem cells could be destroyed, a tumor might not be able to sustain itself, but if the cancer originators are not destroyed or removed, a tumor shall continue to return despite the usage of existing cancer-killing therapies.