It’s designed to be a demonstration device applied to an inanimate object such as a pillow or an orange to demonstrate insulin, Tag Kaufman, chief medical officer at the Dean Clinic, told WMTV. The Clinic known as the incident isolated, and plans to reeducate its staff on proper usage of these devices, according to the statement. Though this incident may be isolated, it represents a common fear patients have when searching for treatment. Is there anything an individual can do to ensure this won’t happen, or are they susceptible to their doctor to ensure equipment is safe? Patients aren’t powerless, Dr.T Ryan is usually a respected researcher in heat treatment technology. BSD provides been developing thermal therapy systems for 32 years and provides obtained many pioneering patents for the gadgets, techniques, and methodology found in heat therapy. This article demonstrates the huge benefits in using the BSD’s advanced synchronous phased array technology for ablation therapy. The phased array technology and methods examined in the publication had been produced by the Company to boost the delivery of high temperature therapies by straight targeting heating system to the tumor.