Althea hosts Wellness and Wellness Fair for employees Althea Technologies, Inc., a respected provider of manufacturing and development services for biotechnology and pharmaceutical businesses, today held its inaugural Health and fitness Fair long term . The fair is component of a weeklong wellness program, which includes day to day activities to promote mental and physical health amongst employees. During the full week, employees are encouraged to participate in daily problems and talks. Today’s primary event, a ongoing health reasonable, features 28 booths and will encourage safety planning, exercise, healthy eating, and volunteering within the grouped community.’Our workers are our most significant and important reference.

Wisniewski says that unlike vaccines, which try to trigger an antibody-mediated stimulation of the body's immune system, his team's new approach attempts to leap begin and rejuvenate the human brain's organic microglial cell fix function. The breakdown of microglial repair – probably from aging – offers been linked for decades to the formation and removal of amyloid plaques and tau tangles in Alzheimer's disease. Researchers say they chosen TLR9 as the immune booster because it was a known stimulant for eliminating germs. A bacterial cytosine-guanosine sequence, or CpG, such as type B, CpG, oligodeoxynucleotide, was chosen to help activate TLR9 on human brain cells because prior testing had shown it to work at triggering an immune response in both mice and human beings, with very few side effects.