PICTURES – Coffee as well as your health: Latest findings The scientists viewed coffee consumption and incidence of endometrial cancers in a lot more than 67,000 women enrolled in the long-running Nurses’ Wellness Study. The scientists found that females who downed a lot more than four cups of coffee a time over a 26-12 months period were 25 % less inclined to be diagnosed with the cancer. Females who drank two to three cups a full day were 7 % less inclined to get it. Drinking less than 4 cups a full day was not associated with reduced risk. Nor was drinking tea. How about decaffeinated coffee? Drinking a lot more than two cups a day was linked with a 22 % decreased risk for endometrial tumor. If the findings perhaps you have reaching for your coffee maker, you should know that the experts stopped short of pushing coffee as a way to guard against cancer.On the other hand, studies show that your body absorbs much more of the helpful anticancer compounds from prepared vegetables compared to raw. For example, a report found that cooking actually improves the quantity of lycopene in tomatoes. Similarly, cooking carrots makes the beta-carotene they contain much more available for the body to absorb. Any dangers?Eating only raw foods can be quite aggressive for the system and may not be appropriate for everybody: for example, breastfeeding or pregnant women, children, and folks who’ve anemia, have bone issues or live in colder climates. So always check with your practitioner before attempting a raw food diet plan or in the event that you experience unusual symptoms.