Coca-Cola partners with drug maker Sanofi to make sketchy ‘beauty-enhancing’ beverage The apparent distinction between what defines a meals versus a drug appears to be blurring, as beverage giant Coca-Cola has announced that it’s teaming up with French medication maker Sanofi to release a new beauty-enhancing drink line known as ‘Beautific Oenobiol.’ According to reports, the nutritional item will be sold just in a small number of French pharmacies initially, with the potential to later be sold in stores and other shops read article . The 50-50 partnership between your two companies is part of a mutual diversification effort designed to raise the companies’ market shares. Coca-Cola says it really is trying to venture out of producing just carbonated drinks, particularly as obesity prices rise and people look for healthier alternatives to soda.

The ban was ready to take effect Jan. 1, 2012, until Martin’s excellent, Jon Jarvis, called the whole thing off after ending up in a representative from the beverage giant. That was upsetting news due to what I felt were ethical issues surrounding the idea of getting influenced unduly by business, stated Martin to NYT concerning the unexpected cancellation of the program for no apparent cause. It was even even more of a concern because we had caused all the people who will be truly affected within their sales and bottom line, and it had been accepted by them. Neil J. Mulholland, president of NPF, insists that Coca-Cola under no circumstances tried to avoid the ban, but merely asked queries about why it had been occurring and how it could work. But Susan Stribling, a spokeswoman for Coca-Cola, also stated recently that banning anything is never the right answer, adding that such an insurance plan restricts specific choice – – this unduly, of course, implies that her business may have tried to avoid the ban.