Insulin, which handles the quantity of glucose in your blood, is usually secreted from the pancreas. As it attempts to modify this excessive amount of sugar, even more insulin is issued. The insulin will its job, but does it as well well frequently. Your blood sugar level will drop back to normal and can actually continue steadily to drop until too much glucose has been removed from the blood stream. Which means that our muscles now, tissues, brain, and other vital organs will not have enough glucose open to perform the necessary functions that they need to accomplish.The Burdick 8500 ECG features a friendly user interface, multi-angle 7-in. Widescreen, adjustable protocol configurations, and color screen to create reading the continuous waveform data easy. With the Burdick 8500 ECG, customers can: View constant 3-, 6-, and 12-leads of data on the color display.Adjust the unique 7-inch adjustable widescreen color display for viewability and contrast. Store up to 300 digital ECG records; enjoy on-display QuickTips.Reduce typing errors and save time by downloading patient details from your electronic medical record system.Get rid of the hassle of submitting and scanning.Enjoy an industry-leading, four-year service and warranty program for worry-free of charge usage.