Newsletter for November 2022
Happy Thanksgiving!
​   Well, I think I missed “Fall”!  I’m not sure! But I know one thing I’ve been burning wood every morning for the past few weeks!
      So, at this time of year I’d like to recognize a group of ladies that have been serving the Lakes area since 1945 The Lakes Women’s Club! In 1945 a group of approximately 11 women founded the Lake Hughes Quilting Circle, which is known today as the Hughes-Elizabeth Lakes Woman’s Club. The group met in various homes and during “Club Day” they would quilt, have a nice lunch, and talk about the different functions that were happening in the community.
​     The Lake Hughes Market was built during that time and Rose Hoffman served breakfast at the counter in the market. As she cooked, she laughed with the customers, engaging them in conversation and encouraged them to form the quilting club. She acted as a “go between” asking various women if they have the time and were interested. It was an exciting time in Lake Hughes when the people of the community were interested in working for the betterment of the community.
      One example was around 1959-60 the Women’s club donated money for the 1950 Volunteer Fire Truck to be painted! It now showcases at the Lakes Community Center. It wasn’t until 1981, the Hughes-Elizabeth Lakes Woman’s Club became incorporated. Since that time the clubs community services and charitable contributions have been many and varied. Recently to name a few were, wheelchair lap quilts for William J. “Pete” Knight Veterans home, baby quilts for Care Net, bed quilts and pillows for The Painted Turtle, gift cards to Code 7 Ministry and many, many more.  And they haven’t slowed down yet! As most of you know they have the annual yard sale in May, Casino Night around September, sell football books during football season and all profits go to charity. Also the Women’s Club gets together for the road cleanup along Elizabeth Lake Road, which the ladies have maintained for 15+ years. It’s not all work all the time! They manage to squeeze in a trip to Universal Studios, Summer Beach Bus to Santa Monica Beach, road trip to Tehachapi and other outings. These women have made huge contributions to the Lakes area and beyond our communities in their 77 years of existence! I applaud them and say well done!
      If you would like to be a part of this group and join, call Judy Miller-President at 661-609-4822 or come by the Lakes Community Center on most Mondays 10am-2pm. This is their sewing day and a “great” potluck lunch!  Speaking from experience!!  And check out your History/Museum while you’re at it!
Note: The month of December is an “off” month, no sewing on Mondays for the Holidays.
 P.S.  You don’t have to know how to sew! They need help with pattern cutting and other crafty things. Enjoy the fun and knowing your contributing to a worthwhile cause!

Dennis Miller ~ Historian for the Lakes Community Center History Museum

Santa and his helpers

Coming Events:

December 1st~ LCC mtg ~7pm
December 3rd~ Town Council mtg~10am
December 10th~ Childrens Christmas 5:30-7pm 
December 25th~ Merry Christmas 
January 1st~ Bon Fire (The burning of the live Christmas trees)
January 5th~ LCC mtg~7pm
January 7th~ Town council mtg~10am
January 11th~ Lakes Woman’s Club~11am